Autopilot Co-creators Alex Russell (top) and Maya Zuckerman (bottom)

Autopilot Co-creators Alex Russell (top) and Maya Zuckerman (bottom)

It all started when…

The cast of Autopilot came together in May 2018 after co-creators Alex Russell and Maya Zuckerman finished their first at Circadium Contemporary School of Circus. Comprised of Circadium students Kevin Flanagan, Elan Reaven, Alex Russell, Copper Santiago, and Maya Zuckerman, the artists comprising the group Two Squares Forward combine circus with text to explore the ways in which they navigate through the world.

About the Show

Society functions as it does now through rules and instructions. Some are written and law, some are unspoken and merely suggestions. No matter what form they appear in, our lives are filled with things telling us what we can and can't do. Many of these are helpful, and eliminate wasted time trying to figure out how something works. Others can end up being stifling, reducing creativity and expression.

Autopilot is a 45-minute cabaret-style show that explores the concepts of rules and instructions. Through acrobatics, juggling, aerials, and various circus arts, the five members of Two Squares Forward explore what it is to follow rules as well as break them, and push the boundaries of what is expected of them on stage.  Presenting not only acts they have devised themselves but also text from their own hearts, these circus artists demonstrate an exploration of what it means to have a life committed to being in front of an audience night after night.

Show Details

Autopilot is part of a Circadium presents double bill, featuring our 45-minute show, along with Galactic Garden Party, a 45-minute juggling and manipulation solo show.

Show dates:

  • Friday, September 21, 8pm

  • Saturday, September 22, 8pm

  • Sunday, September 23, 8pm

Tickets can be purchased here or with cash at the door. Student discounts will be available at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

The show will be in the Sanctuary at Circadium: School of Contemporary Circus, 6452 Greene Street in West Mt Airy, Philadelphia.

Two Squares Forward Company Members


Alex Russell (co-creator) is a Food Scientist turned circus artist, who quit her 9-5 job to pursue her dream at Circadium. Trading in a lab coat for a leotard, she joined the trailblazing inaugural class after discovering her passion for circus just three years ago, and has been on one of the most challenging yet rewarding roller coasters that she's ever experienced. Alex is excited to be creating her first show with Maya and the rest of the company.


Maya Zuckerman (co-creator) is an 18 year-old hula hooper, juggler, and acrobat from St. Louis, Missouri.  She grew up performing with the St. Louis Arches, a youth partner acrobatics troupe, and knew since she was 14 that she wanted to pursue circus professionally.  She is ever grateful for the people she has met through the world-wide circus community, and is extremely proud to be a part of Circadium's first class, and a part of this company.


Kevin Flanagan is a first year student at Circadium. He moved to Philadelphia from Ithaca, NY where he studied classical guitar at Ithaca College. Circus found Kevin as a freshman in college when his roommate dragged him to a circus club meeting on campus and he instantly fell in love. While at school Kevin hopes to expand his unicycle repertoire and learn as much as he can. Thanks to Alex and Maya for creating Autopilot.


Copper Santiago is excited to a part of Circadium’s second class. Growing up in New York City she discovered circus and has since pursued it in Vermont, St. Louis, and Ithaca, NY. While in Ithaca she started working with Kevin Flanagan and hopes to make more art together in Philadelphia. Her favorite food is arugula and accepts bouquets of it in lieu of flowers.


Elan Reuven discovered circus at the end of his college career in Ithaca NY and has since fallen in love with acrobatics and being weird on stage. He has traveled extensively for acrobatic training and has settled in Philadelphia to hone his art at Circadium School of Contemporary Circus.