Alexandra Feit

About me

Hello friends!

My name is Alex, aka Circus Girl. Welcome to my blog!

A little about me. I'm 25 years old, and live in Philadelphia, PA. Currently, I am training full time at a contemporary circus school, but my background is in anything but. I started out performing when I was young in choruses and a cappella groups, and quickly transitioned to theatre. From middle school through college, I performed in musicals and plays. I went to college for my bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology, and worked in product development for 2 years before I began this journey I am currently on.

Read on to see how I got my start in circus!

Sincerely, Circus Girl

My first circus show, Circus Folk at Circus Culture, Ithaca, NY

My first circus show, Circus Folk at Circus Culture, Ithaca, NY

My Start in Circus

I got my start in circus in high school, right before my senior year. I'd been involved in various performing arts and acrobatics since I was young, from musicals to gymnastics, chorus to ballet. It was only at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts that I discovered the magic of circus, and realized it was the perfect hybrid of everything I'd done.

Fast forward through college, where I tried to get as involved in circus as I could but was limited by the opportunities around me. After graduating with a degree in Food Science, I accepted a job in Ithaca, New York, and quickly enrolled in the local circus school, Circus Culture. My once-a-week class and twice-a-week open practice soon turned into 5-6 days at the studio. Six months later, I was the only student to be invited to perform in the year-end show at the studio alongside coaches and professionals from the community. I finally knew this is where I belonged.

With the support of my family and girlfriend (turned fiancée a little while later), I decided to apply to go to circus school time. Months of training and preparing, followed by lots of traveling for auditions, and finally I was accepted into Circadium, a brand-new three year professional circus school program.

And that's where I am now. Starting my new career in contemporary circus. Follow my journey transitioning from my corporate science 9-5 to my circus education, and see what the life of a full-time circus student is like!

Sincerely, Circus Girl

My wonderful fiancée Emma (right) and I

My wonderful fiancée Emma (right) and I

My Support

I can't write this blog without mentioning the most important part of this whole journey, my fiancée. I have the most wonderful, supportive, encouraging partner in the world. She is who I have to thank for putting the seed in my mind that I could pursue circus.

Ever since I was exposed to circus, I knew it held a special place in my heart, and I'd fantasized about pursuing circus more seriously. However, once I started truly getting into circus at Circus Culture, I was at a point in my life where moving to another state to start a new career seemed kind of insane. Emma had just moved to Ithaca to live with me and was working on her PhD program, so she wouldn't be able to move.

And yet, she continued to encourage me to look into it, knowing if I chose to pursue circus, it would mean years of a long distance relationship for us.

I've often asked her why she was so encouraging, so confident I would do well. She said "when you perform - you are living art. You envelop the emotion you are trying to embody - and communicate it wordlessly." Emma, thank you for being my rock, my wings, and my chief editor. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today.